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Deluxe Jigsaw Puzzles

4.99 usd

PuzzleBoss is proud to present Deluxe Jigsaw Puzzles! These 1200 piece jigsaw puzzles are not for beginners, they are for the most hardcore jigsaw puzzle enthusiast who wants tablets to enhance that real jigsaw puzzle experience and get lost for hours hunting down pieces.*** Please note: if you would like smaller jigsaw puzzles search for "PuzzleBoss Jigsaw Puzzles" ***
With support for both portrait and landscape mode you can hold your tablet how you prefer, while a suite of puzzle settings let you tailor the jigsaws to a harder or more forgiving difficulty. At 1200 pieces we knew we'd have to do something very special to capture enough clarity in a piece that you could use the image and shape to find pairing pieces. These are the highest resolution jigsaw puzzles we've made, almost 4K resolution!
To recreate that real jigsaw experience we knew we'd need the best battery life for you to enjoy hours at a time so we made these jigsaw puzzles incredibly lightweight and high performing.
If you haven't tried our jigsaw puzzles before then you might prefer our smaller puzzles, also available free on Amazon Underground. Those jigsaws have the same real experience with 12, 48, 96, 160, 260 and 425 piece sizes.
We hope you enjoy these jigsaw puzzles!